An Unlocked book pulsates from the highest shelf in the abandoned wine cellar in the Applegate Manor. The time is twevle filfteen and all the occupants lay dreaming. Of fame, wealth and everlasting Love.

But all is not dreaming. One such occupant is an strange old stranger. Possibly around the age of twenty-five or so with: a strong physique, dark brown smooth skin, a lean body, and an uniquely defined clothing style. Weighing at 150 or so and standing at almost 6 feet. Wearing a Amber Red Cloak  with an brilliantly detailed walking stick in his left hand, The Man quietly says one word and heads towards the Wine Cellar.


As he walks towards the Wine Cellar, the pulsing book on the highest shelf begins to flow towards him at an increasingly fast speed. As soon as he crosses the garden, the book comes to an most gracious halt in mid air. Studying it with much care, he immediately opens it and rummages through. Each page is enshrouded in riddles.

As he turns the next page, He blurts an subtle “Ah” as he reached his final destination.

In the blink of an I, the man began to cry. His body became weaker, His soul became stronger. This realization from this occasion was what the man was searching for all his life. His knees began to bend, his life began to wilt. As he lay upon ground, he began to hear a sound.

Then. It was at that moment when things began to change. And Change they shall.

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